Coronavirus Delivery Information

Have dispatch and delivery times changed?

No, not currently. It includes a daily collection from Royal Mail Monday-Friday and, all being well, we do despatch daily. However, as there are only two of us and volumes go up we may be a day or two late. We send despatch emails so if we should be running behind, you will be kept informed.

How can you continue to operate while complying with social distancing?

We are a family run business so the only people we work with on a face-to-face business we also live with. Makes that aspect easy! We also use a warehouse local to us for storage. They are continuing to deliver stock to us as required, and we dispatch orders ourselves, from home using Royal Mail, who are very clear in how they are dealing with the threat of Coronavirus. We don’t actually come into contact with anyone from our warehousing company or Royal Mail as they drop off and collect, and then we sort when they have left

How can the warehouse continue to operate with the various restrictions in place?

Logistics companies are considered ‘keyworkers’ and, as such, are able to continue to work as long as certain measures are in place. We have been assured by our warehouse that they are complying with the Government’s requirements. This includes allowing anyone who believes themselves to be showing symptoms of the virus to leave immediately and self-isolate; having as many employees as possibly working from home; ensuring hand sanitiser and washing facilities are available in appropriate locations throughout the warehouse; equipment is not shared; areas that may not normally be cleaned are now cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Why do you continue to operate during such challenging times?

As mentioned before, we are a family business and, like most people, need to pay our mortgage and bills. Staying open also means we continue to employ others as well as keep our suppliers in business. We’d also like to think that many of you will continue to run and cycle as your daily exercise even if you can’t do anything else! We contribute to the economy whilst remaining 100% safe.