5 stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts for cyclists under £20!

5 stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts for cyclists under £20!

Shopping for the cyclist in your life does not have to be stressful. If you are looking for a gift for someone, knowing that they are a cyclist can help narrow down the options. This is a practical list packed with gifts that a cyclist will appreciate and actually use. Perfect for stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts!

WARNING: This list of the top 5 gifts for cyclists under £20 does not include any socks or mugs with a bicycle plastered all of it! You are welcome. 

1 - High Visibility Reflective Vest, Sash, For Running & Cycling

HighVis Sash in pink

BUY NOW £9.99

This small but practical high vis vest/sash is useful for cyclists, runners and even dog walkers. It is light and easily stowed away but very effective in ensuring that the wearer is seen in dark or low light conditions. If you are unsure of the cyclist in your life’s size, this is an excellent gift that is guaranteed to fit. It comes with easily adjusted straps so that they can customise the fit the first time they try it on. 

This high vis sash comes in a range of colours and gives 360-degree visibility to anyone approaching or looking towards the wearer. Rather than spending a lot of money on a high vis jacket, the likes of which most cyclists will already have, this is a great alternative to give cyclists added visibility all year round. 

2 - BTR Bicycle High Visibility Waterproof Bike Helmet Cover

BUY NOW £8.99

Cyclists are predictable creatures. You can be sure that will always need new puncture repair kits (Spoiler alert, see below) and will always be wearing a helmet. If they do not wear a helmet, they should be on the naughty list and get nothing but coal, to learn their lesson. Sorry, we are only here to guide you in your choice of gifts and not on how to start a debate with a cyclist (mention running red lights or helmet wearing).

This high vis helmet is 100% waterproof and highly visible. It comes in a range of high visibility colours with the addition of reflective strips. Although cyclist will often spend copious amounts of cash on a fancy waterproof coat, the helmet and head are often forgotten. 

A waterproof helmet cover, not only helps to keep a cyclists head dry, but it will also keep them warm, something that will be greatly appreciated on a cold and rainy morning commute or bike ride. The addition of it being high vis gives added protection and visibility to motorists and other road users. 

3 - BTR High Visibility & Reflective Cycling, Running, Riding Gilet & Vest

BTR High Visibility Reflective Gilet for Running, Cycling, Walking

BUY NOW £14.99

A high vis cycling gilet/vest is a great gift for cyclists under £20. You may not have a wide range of colours like you do with the high vis sash at the top of the list; however, the added features of this high vis vest makes up for it. 

This bright yellow high vis vest does more than get the rider seen in low light conditions. It comes with a mesh lining, which helps to wick away moisture, helping to keep the wearer warm. There are three pockets in total, one internal chest pocket and two easy-access rear pockets. This is a handy addition for a gilet, as often it will be worn over a jersey and without the addition of pockets, it makes it difficult to access anything in the jersey pockets while riding. 

Finally, this is a unisex fit, check out the link above for more details. Do not forget it is an intentionally large fit as it is designed to go over cycling jerseys and long sleeve layers. This high vis vest does also come with stretchy side panels, so if the size does come up a little small, it should still be able to fit. 

P.s. BTR have a free returns policy on everything bought through the site, so you could always buy more than one size and return the others once you have a happy cyclist. 

4 - BTR Deluxe Bike Bag Phone Holder, Phone Mount & Waterproof Rain Cover 

BUY NOW £19.99


A phone holder is an excellent accessory for any cyclist. However, a lot of the bike phone holders place the phone precariously on the handlebars. This multifunctional bike bag and phone holder is the perfect solution allowing cyclists to see the phone while riding, without having to balance it on the handlebars. 

It comes with a see-through window so that when connected to the bike’s frame, you can still see the phone. Although made from a water-resistant material, it also comes with a 100% waterproof cover for added peace of mind. If you are worried about whether a specific phone will fit, check this helpful post -WHAT PHONES WILL FIT THE BTR DELUXE BIKE PHONE BAG? - in summary, almost all phones will fit!

Whether the cyclist in your life is a commuter or weekend adventurer, this is a convenient and useful little bag to keep all their values safe and close to hand. Underneath where the phone is held, there is a large compartment that can be used to store snacks, puncture repair kit (if you are feeling extra generous, see below) or keys and wallet. 


5 - BTR High Visibility Reflective Rear Rack Bicycle Bag Cover

BTR Sports Rear Rack Bag Cover Waterproof HighViz

BUY NOW £8.99


Give the cyclist in your life another way to keep them visible on the roads with the BTR Sports Reflective Rear Rack Bag Cover. A simple and convenient solution to make your rear rack bag extremely high vis and reflective in the dark. The cover also comes with a rear light hook to attach a rear light to, making the bike light up like a Christmas tree - perfect for being seen on dark nights.

So we hope there's an idea or two in there for you. There are other great gift ideas coming in under the £20 mark dotted around the website so do take a browse. There is something practical and useful for everyone's budget.


Plus, don't forget you get free shipping and free returns, so why not hedge your bets and double up on some of the gifts above!

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