Bike covers & the benefits of covering your bike

Bike covers & the benefits of covering your bike

As a cyclist, your bike is important to you. If you use it to get to work, exercise or take it away with you when you go on holiday, the likelihood is you will need to store it outside at some point. A heavy duty bike cover is the perfect solution to keep your bike dry and safe in all weather conditions.


Waterproof bike cover - keep out the elements

Whether you store your bike outside while at home, at the office or while on a camping adventure, leaving it to the mercy of the elements could lead to you having to replace parts earlier or mean you're always complaining about that annoying squeak coming from your chain.

Of course, bicycles are designed to be waterproof; they can withstand a heavy downpour without falling apart or being rendered useless. That said, a lot of the components and parts of a bicycle are susceptible to wear and tear and rusting. The chain, sprockets, brakes, headset, bottom bracket, gear levers, brake cables - ok so pretty much everything that moves on your bike - are made from metal. Without proper maintenance and protection, these parts can corrode, rust and start to create some annoying sounds or, worse yet, break while you are out on the bike.

If you are leaving your bicycle out all day or overnight, you should protect it from the elements, preferably with a heavy duty waterproof bicycle cover that will ensure that, no matter how heavy the downpour, the water will not get through and reduce your bike's life expectancy.

When you leave your bike covered, you are extending the life of the components and reducing the frequency of trips to your bike shop to replace parts. Continuously storing your bike unprotected outdoors could mean that rain will get into the inside of the frame and parts of your bike, and cause damage. So rather than continually worrying about whether your bike is getting wet or if you will need to dry it off before your next ride, invest in a bicycle cover that will keep it dry for you.

BTR Heavy Duty XL Rain Cover for Bike or Two Bikes


Heavy Bike Cover - For Improved Security

There are few things worse than getting dressed to cycle into work, strutting outside in your lycra only to find out that your bike is not where you left it. After a fleeting moment where you attempt to convince yourself that you locked it somewhere different last night, the realisation kicks in that some swine has made off with your bike, not even leaving the broken lock as a souvenir. While the thief looks to make a few quid (only a fraction of the bike's worth both financially and emotionally), you are left scratching your head thinking about how you could have prevented this from happening. Thefts of bicycles generally occur during the cover of darkness, so if you leave your bike out at night, you are at more risk of a day-ruining discovery the next morning.

The sad reality is that there are undesirables in the world who, if they want something bad enough, will run the risk and stop at nothing until they have stolen it. If you do not have enough room in your garage or home, then a heavy duty bike cover works as an excellent theft deterrent. Naturally, it is no substitute for a couple of sturdy locks and a fixed inanimate object to secure your bike to. A bike cover does, however, create a barrier to the would-be thieves' line of sight.

A heavy duty bicycle cover is not an invisibility cloak nor a super tough material which cannot be prized open even with an angle grinder. However, that is not the point. If someone is looking to steal a bike, they are much more likely to go for a bike that is in plain sight. The best bike covers will have loops for your lock so that, even from the outside, a passer-by can see that you have locked your bike.

security features of the BTR XL heavy duty rain-proof bike cover


 Heavy Duty Bike Cover - Value for Money

Bicycles and their parts can start to become very expensive to maintain if they are not looked after properly. Even if you only use your bike while away you do not want to be replacing the chain every time you try and ride it each year. That is why an ultra bike cover is such good value for money. For the cost of a high quality waterproof covering your are protecting yourself from future payments to either replace parts or the entire bike.

You may think that chucking a tarpaulin over your bike will serve the same purpose. Yes, that may keep your bike dry for a while, but it also looks messy and can be very time consuming to wrap around your bike securely enough to prevent a gentle breeze from setting it free. Dedicated heavy duty bike covers have straps that connect at the bottom of your bike so that, no matter how horrendous the weather conditions, the cover will not be blown away and leave your bicycle unprotected.

If your bike is your pride and joy and you've spent years upgrading and refining your ride, even keeping it in your garage is not enough to keep it safe from dust and unintended scratches. Investing in a heavy duty bike cover to keep your bike protected, even when indoors, will help to ensure that no unnecessary damage befalls your beautiful bicycle.

Keep your bikes safe and dry this winter

Sometimes it is not only your bike you have to think about. If you also need to protect your family's or partner's bikes, you will want to invest in a cover that is large enough to keep them all safe and dry. You cannot predict the weather, especially in the UK, other than to guarantee that it will rain soon. If you are keeping your bike outside (whether in your garden, on your road, on your balcony or outside your office) you need to make sure that it is safe and dry all year round.


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