BTR Hydration Bladder Water Bag Full Demo & Instructional Video

BTR Hydration Bladder Water Bag Full Demo & Instructional Video

This is our full demo and instruction video for the BTR Hydration Bladder.  In it we cover what the bladder is for, how to assemble it, how to clean it and how to use it.  Basically everything you need to know to use the BTR hydration bladder or any other similar hydration bladder.



One of the most common questions we get asked is how to clean and maintain the hydraton bladder and we cover that in this video but also have a specific video HERE


The bladders are made from EVA or TPU and, like all plastic water containers, they sometimes have a "plastic" type taste to the water when first using them.  Watch our What is the plastic taste and how to get rid of it video.

It is a very common question and one that is easily resolved and the most important point is that the hydration bladders are perfeectly safe to use and are BPA and BPS Free


We would love to hear any other solutions or suggestions so please Contact Us if you have any.


You can buy the BTR Hydration Water Bladder at BTR Sportsor Amazon UK.

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