BTR Hydration Pack Bladder Demo Video

BTR Hydration Pack Bladder Demo Video

In this video we demonstrate the features of the BTR Hydration Pack Bladder.  This bladder is made from EVA and is BPA Free.  It has a 2 litre capacity and will fit in a wide range of our Hydration Packs and Backpacks  as well as many other branded backpacks. The bladder comes with a 1 metre detachable hose and we also offer a Cleaning Kit to clean and maintain the bladder




We have another video on YouTube demonstrating how to clean the bladder.  It is a bit basic but it does show how to do it properly and it should be done before you use it for the first time and after every use. This ensures there will be no unpleasant taste to the water 


We have another blog post What is the plastic type taste with my hydration water bladder and how do I get rid of it ?



The bladder is available on our own website BTR Direct Sports as well as Amazon UK and Amazon DE



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