Eurobike Trade Show review: inflatable helmets

Eurobike Trade Show review: inflatable helmets

At our recent visit to the Eurobike Trade Show, as well as the proliferation of ebikes, we were aware of the evolution of some fantastic safety equipment for cyclists. 

One product that caught our eye was the inflatable bike helmet.

One company pioneering this technology is Hovding. Their helmet is essentially a pack you put around your neck that then inflates instantly if you’re in an accident. It’s already sold 185,000 of these inflatable helmets and there's been 4,000 incidents recorded of the helmets being inflated and thereby preventing serious injuries to cyclists during accidents.

They’re now onto their third version of the helmet - theHövding 3 launched this month - which is available now for £249.

inflatable helmet beforeBefore
inflatable helmet after


This version is more adjustable, resulting in a more comfy fit for cyclists. It also comes with a longer battery life; it now lasts for 15 hours of cycling time, and the associated app will tell you how much longer it’ll last before it needs charging. It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth to automatically call the emergency services should your helmet be inflated. It’ll also call your ICE contact as well.

With wider cycling safety in mind, the app will also collect accident data that Hovding will collate and analyse. This will mean that accident hotspots can be identified and, presumably, the relevant bodies can ensure they’re improved.

According to the company’s website their inflatable helmet has been tested and proven to be 8 times safer than traditional helmets. What’s not to like?! Admittedly the price is fairly high compared to a standard helmet but perhaps not if the protection is that much higher, and you cycle a lot.

Our only small issue is that others won’t realise you’ve got this on and you may be open to verbal abuse if people think you’re cycling without a helmet. This is more others’ problem than the wearers but might lead to an unpleasant situation on occasions.

Are you tempted by this new technology?

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