Get a handle on these: the best handlebar bike bags around

Get a handle on these: the best handlebar bike bags around

If you like to keep an eye on your bag, the handlebars are an optimum position. Whether you want to be able to easily see and access your phone, or just like to be able to reach for a snack, there's various choices to suit your needs.

We've got weatherproof and waterproof options, so take a look at the superb seven you can choose from...

First up is the versatile and simple BTR silicone phone mount for bike handlebars.

BTR Silicone phone mount for bikes


This is for you if it's just your phone you want to hand (perhaps you've got another bike bag elsewhere on your bike) as it's a no-nonsense, sturdy phone holder. It's easy to attach and, once your phone is in, it won't be popping out on to the road. 


If you want to take more than just your phone, but you do want access to your device, we have three handlebar bags that feature a phone pocket on top.

This is our original handlebar bag, which we improved further by adding a built in sun visor.

BTR deluxe handlebar bike bag

The visor helps to reduce glare on your phone or other navigation device. It's also water resistant, so offers protection against the rain, and gives you a compact space in which you can stash keys, coins, an extra battery or a snack.


An alternative choice for a bag with a visible phone pocket but with more storage is this water resistant handlebar bag.

BTR handlebar bag for bike wth phone pocket

 This one sits in front of the handlebars (although we know some users have put in in different positions). The pocket is on the lid of the bag, with the main section protected by a zip and being water resistant (the phone pocket itself is open ended). There are also net pockets on each side, offering another way to easily access your kit.


Not as deep, but still with plenty of space and a visible PVC phone pocket, is this cylindrical BTR handlebar bag.

This bike bag sits on top of the handlebars, meaning it won't interfere with cables and such like. It's made from water resistant wipe-clean material, so great for off-roading or situations where mud is involved. It also has a detachable shoulder strap so you can remove it and take it with you at your destination.


With a 3 litre capacity, the BTR Water Resistant Handlebar Bike Bag with Phone Navigation Pocket has plenty of space, as well as the all-important PVC phone pocket on the top.

 BTR handlebar bike bag on customer's bike


It has a bit of extra reinforcement in the sides and backs, to keep the shape, and waterproof zips for keeping drips out. Again, it's made from a wipe clean material so you can keep it looking smart.


That's all our choices with visible PVC phone pockets. If seeing your phone isn't a priority, you might find one of these handlebar bags suits your needs better...


Our original design, this 5 litre capacity handlebar bike bag is great for slightly longer trips when you've got a few more bits to take with you.

the original BTR bike handlebars bag

It's made from water resistant material, with a moulded reinforced base, so it's sturdy and practical. Unlike some of our other handlebar bags, this one has two elasticated straps on top which is great for holding a map, for example. Add to that its ease of putting on and taking off, as well as the detachable shoulder strap, and you can see why this handlbar bag has remained popular over the years.


Last but, of course, not least is the full-on waterproof bike handlebar bag: the BTR Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Bike Bag.


Made of waterproof material, with a roll down top (so no zips to let water in), this is a top notch bag for those of you who aren't put off by a drop of rain! It's simple in design; just one large 3 litre space for all your stuff. 


So there you have it: seven fantastic bike handlebar bags. All of them are practical, well made and great value for money. Choose yours by the size you'll need, whether you want a phone pocket, or based on any of the other brilliant features. Take a look and buy one now.


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