High viz: why it's essential for cyclists, runners and walkers

High viz: why it's essential for cyclists, runners and walkers

There's a host of ways to make yourself more visible to fellow cyclists, runners, motorists, dog walkers, commuters or anyone else out and about in the dark. 

Clearly lights are a good thing, and high visibility, reflective clothing is another. 

Studies have shown that fluorescent colours are easier to see than others; that is, they can be seen at a greater distance - so earlier - than other colours. The way fluorescent colours reflect invisible UV radiation in a spectrum means that they can be seen sometimes as much as 200% more clearly than other colours. 

The best colours for visibility are yellow and orange. Drivers see these as associated with warning signs, which is why they get your attention (and probably why they were used for warning signs in the first place! Chicken, egg).

Whilst fluorescent clothing is great during daylight, it's not much cop at night as car lights don't have the necessary UV rays to make fluoro clothing glow. This is where the reflective material comes into its own as this does show up in vehicle lights. 

High viz clothing

||| Believe it or not, this is BTR's Bryn demonstrating the reflective powers
of a BTR Helmet Cover! |||

Which leads us nicely back to our Be Totally Reflective collection. There's a smattering of fluoroscent colours but also a massive whack of reflective material: the perfect combo for keeping you seen at night. As well as the jacket (seen below) we also have a choice of gilets; depending on your pocket preference you can pick the one for you.

the Be Totally Reflective high vis jacket

Other highvis items you might consider include our colourful highvis jackets, highvis sashes,and highvis (and waterproof) helmet covers or backpack covers. 



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