How long before a race should you stop drinking alcohol?

How long before a race should you stop drinking alcohol?

For some athletes, this question is an ongoing discussion that may never be definitively answered! However, there's lots of advice available from a range of sources so it pays to take a look around, read up and decide which points and evidence make sense to you.

(And before you ask, no, the BTR hydration packs are not designed to carry beer/wine/gin around the course for emergencies..!)

We've gathered a few articles together so you can pick which advice you feel is relevant to you:

Runner's World asked a qualified nutritionist to give them the low down on when to cut out the booze. Here's her advice... 

Runner's World also included this question in their Reader-to-Reader feature so you also get advice from "normal" people like you or me.

Too Fat To Run gives us five top reasons on lowering your booze intake before long runs. These are easily digestible and simple to follow!

Outside magazine's journo ponders the question as she had friends who give up alcohol for an entire month before a long run, whereas she likes the odd tipple during that time. Who's right?

Women's Running looks at the issue in general (both before and after racing) as well as how it specifically affects women. See what they have to say...

Finally, the Guardian looks at the effect of alcohol on athletic performance, concluding that one or two won't harm but more than that might be a problem. 

What's your approach and how does it work for you?

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