Love thy neigh-bour: passing horses safely when cycling

Love thy neigh-bour:  passing horses safely when cycling

Whether you're on- or off-road, you'll always be sharing your route with a number of other users. Usually these are human, and often the odd dog, but sometimes you'll come across a horse or two. If you're not a horse-rider yourself, you may be unsure as to the best way to pass the horses so as not to frighten them, but also maintain your ride as well.

Luckily, help is on hand from Cycling UK who have worked with The British Horse Society to create guidance for both parties. Their main push is the wonderfully friendly idea of "Be nice, say 'hi'", the idea being that you alert both the horse and its rider to your presence in advance of you passing them both, with a considerately wide berth. Letting them know you are there means neither should be surprised as you come alongside them.

To help you understand this idea, there's some handy videos as well as a leaflet you can download. Check out the videos below.

Happy cycling!


Advice when on road



Advice when off road 


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