Plan your next ride

Plan your next ride

Yes there are lots of route planners out there for cyclists and, indeed, runners. This time, we’ve picked a handful for cyclists that we think are worth checking out and given you a couple of reasons why they’ve made our list. They’re all free, at least in their basic version.

Using crowd-sourced data, the route planner is an extremely comprehensive collection of routes for cyclists. We like that you can contribute to it yourself, adding in points of interest that you think will benefit other cyclists.

We’ve picked as it has an option to allow you to choose quieter routes so you’re not flung out onto a motorway as part of your ride. It also gives you a selection of routes to choose from so you can pick the one that appeals the most.

And talking of more pleasant routes, offers the same idea, but you can also select if you’d like a pub/cafe ride, circular route, hotel overnight or camping overnight. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, we’ve selected Cycling UK’s planner. It’s easy to use, you can choose from three speeds (quietest, balanced and fastest) and it gives you a rough idea of the calories you’ll expend (so you can decide between the apple or the Mars bar), the CO2 you’ll avoid and how long it’ll take you at that speed.

Of course, this is just a small selection of the many tools out there, and some offer lots of whizzy options that can either be a great help or a unnecessary distraction. Let us know which you think are the best and why, either below or on our Facebook page.

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