Saddle up! Cycling for beginners and those on sabbatical

Saddle up! Cycling for beginners and those on sabbatical

Perhaps you’re contemplating getting your bike out of the back of the garage after a bit of a break, or maybe you’ve not cycled since you were a child. Either way, starting something again or for the first time can be daunting. There’s lots of helpful advice from experts to get you cycling in the safest and most beneficial way and we’ve put together some of our top choices.

one of the first things you will need is an app on your phone to help you naviate and record your trips and Cyclists Hub have writte the following useful article to help you choose the right one  The 8 Best Apps for Cyclists You Should Install 

We always like to feature the NHS as they’ve just got our health in mind, and aren’t trying to sell us anything. In which case, this complete beginner’s guide should kick start you in the right direction and give you the motivation needed.

man and child on bikes cycling through park

If you’re someone who likes a plan to stick to, British Cycling is the place to go. They’ve got specific age-related plans so whether you’re looking for something for a child, or you’re a little older, there’s a guide for you. There’s even a 6 week ‘panic’ plan for those of you who need to get cycling quickly!

Cycling Weekly has some tips for beginner cyclists such as if you’re buying a new bike, do it locally, learn how to fix a puncture, and be confident when cycling. All good stuff.

Yellow Jersey also has tips, but 51 of them, from a variety of experts. An interesting list to read through as some points may not be aspects you’d normally think about, and some may amuse you e.g. "Don’t be afraid to wear Lycra."

Nowadays an activity isn’t complete without the relevant app. Here’s Cycling Weekly’s list of best cycling apps. If you’re a runner or walker you’ll probably be familiar with Strava and the like, but there may be other apps that suit your cycling goals better.

If you’re just  looking to take it easy and enjoy your cycling without any competitive angle (and why not!), Cycling UK has put together some routes for beginners. Hopefully one is in your vicinity!

Finally, don’t forget to revisit the Highway Codeand get your gear sorted.

three women in cycling gear on an off road bike ride

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