Why customer reviews are so important!

Why customer reviews are so important!


We love customer reviews as the positive, constructive ones help tell other customers why a product is worth their hard-earned cash and the not-so-great ones tell us either how we can improve a product, or that we need to better explain a feature, measurements, etc.

Recently we had a negative review (boo!) on Amazon relating to the chest size of the BTR Lightweight Reflective Jacket. This particular customer complained that it did not fit their 40" chest; we state that the size is 42-44". Interestingly, and encouragingly, this was then swiftly followed by other customers of similar chest size demonstrating through the use of photos that the jacket did, indeed, fit chest sizes up to 42-44"!  Here is the link to the great ones, thanks guys!!!

Typically (and we include ourselves here!) people tend to leave a review when something is not right. Given that 95% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing, perhaps we can all make an effort to give constructive, helpful reviews (whether positive, neutral or negative) when we shop online. We know then that it can help others make an informed decision about their intended purchase - and help retailers provide better products or services.



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