Will my phone fit the BTR Bicycle Bag Gen2 with mobile phone holder

Will my phone fit the BTR Bicycle Bag Gen2 with mobile phone holder

If you're wondering whether your mobile phone will fit the BTR Bicycle Bag Gen2 & Mobile Phone Holder look no further! We've tested out or measured a fair few mobile phones to make sure they fit. 

With its dimensions of  17cm x 8 cms overall pocket size and the PVC window coming in at 13.5cm x 8cm we're confident the phone will fit all the following phones, although the edges of the screen may be obscured depending on the design of your phone. Double check by whipping out your tape measure if you want to be super sure!

Samsung phones

Samsung S7 Edge

Samsung S7

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung S8

Samsung S9 

Samsung S10

Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 5G

Samsung S8 Plus

Samsung S9 Plus Samsung S10 Plus

Samsung S10e

Samsung Note 8 

Samsung Note 9 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ & Note 10+ 5G

Samsung S20 Plus 5G 

Samsung S20Ultra 

Samsung A10

Samsung A20e

Samsung A40

Samsung A50 

Samsung A51

Samsung A70 

Samsung A71 

Samsung A90 5G 

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G when folded 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flipwhen unfolded / folded 


Apple iPhones

iPhone 6splus 

iPhone 7 Plus 

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone XS Max 

iPhone 11Pro Max 

iPhone SE

iPhone XR 

iPhone XS

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6s

iPhone 7

iPhone 8 


iPhone11 Pro 

iPhone 11

Sony Xperia X2

Sony Xperia XA Ultra



Edge 1000

Edge Explore 1000

Edge 820 

Edge Explore 820mm


Fits with phone / screen completely visible

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone 5s

Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin Edge Explore 1000

Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge Explore 820



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