Yippee zippy: what makes for a good zip?

Yippee zippy: what makes for a good zip?

With zips being such an integral part of a large amount of the BTR bike bag range, we have ensured they're of high quality and add to the ease of use of the bag.

Many of the BTR bike bags that feature a zip have a two-way zip. A two-way zip has a couple of benefits over a standard zip, including being able to easily access your kit without having to open it fully, and risking the contents of your bag spilling over the floor.

Secondly, having two zip pulls means you can close the bag more easily should you have a day where you've packed rather more than usual into your bike bag. 

You can check the features of any BTR bike bag you're considering (whether a pannier bag, handlebar bag, frame bag or phone bag) to see whether it has a two-way zip. For starters check out:

BTR frame bag

A number of BTR bike bags also have the added bonus of being water resistant or waterproof and the waterproof zips are a major contributor to making a bag water resistant or water proof.

We're pretty keen on water resistant and waterproof stuff here at BTR as we know it's no fun having wet gear. It's one thing being wet yourself but you want to know you have a dry phone/food/clothing/wallet when you get to the end of your journey, and these waterproof zips help out with that brilliantly. Do remember that you do actually need to shut the zip to make it waterproof...!

If you're after waterproof zips on your bag here's three you might like to take a look at:

We also have waterproof covers for both the BTR Waterproof Pannier Rack Bag or the BTR Deluxe Bike Bag Phone Holder Gen 5 to create a truly waterproof bag.

If you've any questions about which BTR bike bag is the best for your needs, just get in touch. We'd love to help.


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