8 essential winter running tips

8 essential winter running tips

Thinking about venturing out on a few runs despite the - how shall we put it? - inclement weather?

Here’s a few tips to make sure you make the most of your winter runs and don’t fall foul of unnecessary injuries

1 Do a proper warm up inside

Get your muscles and joints totally ready for the challenge ahead. Spend at least 15 minutes warming up and, then, when you step outside into the chillier clime, your muscles won’t be so tight and, therefore, less susceptible to injury.

2 Dress less

Yes it’s cold outside but once you’re on the move you’ll start to heat up. The general rule is to dress as if it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. This will keep you warm enough for the elements but cool enough to not overheat.

3 Keep your extremeties warm

Most of your bodily heat generated when running is going to come from the larger bits (!) so make sure you keep your head and hands warm. 

4 Don’t feel the need to go for it

When it’s colder, it’s best to keep going slowly rather than pushing it to extremes. With the heart beating faster in colder temperatures, you want to ensure you’re not overdoing it and putting pressure on your heart.

Winter Running Photo by Tomasz Woźniak on Unsplash


5 Get your footwear right

Whether you can see it or not, colder weather can mean icy, slippery patches. Choose clear pathways and make sure your trainers are both well-fitting and provide good traction.

It’s also often wet, so socks that wick away moisture and keep your feet as dry as is possible, are a great idea.

6 Be seen

We do get days of beautiful sunshine during the winter months but even they are shorter than usual, so getting out for a run in daylight hours on a working day can be tricky. In which case, high viz is your friend. Make sure you glow whether it’s just a grey day or full blown night time. If you’re happy with your running gear but it needs help to shine, choose a gilet to pop over the top or a high visibility reflective sash.

 BTR highvis reflective jacket on a customer BTR Reflective Gilet on a happy runner BTR Reflective Sash shown off by a customer


7 Stay hydrated

One doesn’t seem to build up quite the thirst one does in the summer months but you’ll still need to hydrate yourself. Don’t forget to drink enough water to keep yourself suitably hydrated. If you want to be super-efficient, a hydration pack will keep your hands free.

8 Get dry and changed quickly

As soon as you stop moving, your core temperature will drop. Change out of damp clothes into dry ones, even if you can’t shower immediately. If you can have a warm drink or bowl of soup, so much the better. Even better, stay dry in the first place. It is hard to combine waterproof fabric and high visibility in one garment but there are options available including this bright fluorescent running jacket, with reflective features.

 BTR Womens Fit HighVis Reflective Jacket



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