Biking for beginners

Biking for beginners

Whilst we have a lot of customers who are seasoned cyclists, there are lots of people either getting on a bike for the first time or returning to it after a prolonged sabbatical. 

If that's you - or you want to encourage a friend or family member to join you on two wheels - here's our pick of the advice to help launch you in the right direction!

Let's face it, a major achievement when you first get on a bike is to not to have an accident, so it seems fitting that our first bit of advice should come from ROSPA. Their advice is divided into handy headings including your bike, helmets, be safe be seen (the importance of fluorescent and reflective clothing - you might like this!) and care on the road.

If you think some training might help your cycling skills and confidence, check out the Bikeability website and their scheme. These are the people who provide training in schools but they also have options for adults too. There are different levels depending on your experience and what you hope to learn. They also have a stack load of information on how to enjoy family cycling trips. 

The magazine Cycling Weekly have a list of 12 tips, with supporting articles for each one so you can either take the basic advice or delve into further information on a particular topic.

Lastly, the organisers of Bike Week - CyclingUK - offer a wealth of resources for cyclists of all levels. Assuming you're a beginner, take a look at their blogs, articles and videos on starting your cycling journey. There's a load of 'how to' advice, both for adults and younger riders. Enjoy!

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