Sharing the road advice for cyclists and drivers

Sharing the road advice for cyclists and drivers

Many of us are cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. Some may even be horse riders. At some point or another we venture onto the public roads where we share the highway with a fair few other road users.

None of us go out looking for an accident and we'd all like to think we're considerate road users, but it's never a bad thing to remind ourselves of both legal requirements and best practice when it comes to road use (let's face it, The Highway Code isn't something you reread on a monthly basis). 

Luckily there are fantastic organisations out there who put together useful information and guidance that highlights the key points in an easily digestible way. Rospa has produced this booklet called Sharing the Road Together. It's a fairly compact 10 pages so won't take longer than a mug of tea to read. 

It's particularly useful for its inclusion of the viewpoint from both sides ie what drivers want cyclists to think about, and what cyclists want drivers to be aware of. It also gives a quick rundown of points where accidents are more likely to happen such as when turning left, junctions and roundabouts, and when over-taking.

Spend your coffee break taking a quick read of this handy document; it might just give you one or two points to think about on your journey home. 

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