Get off my land! Rights of ways for cyclists and walkers

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Get off my land! Rights of ways for cyclists and walkers

No doubt you’ve ventured on to a bridleway or two whether on your bike or when out for a country walk. But do you really know who’s allowed where? For example, not all routes are accessible to bikes, so how can you tell whether it’s ok to be there? Some times it’s not even a case of being allowed or not; it might simply be unsuitable for cycling.

We’ve gathered some articles together that will both help you understand rights of way, or point you towards some rather lovely bridleways that you can happily frequent on foot or two wheels…

bridleway signpost

You’d expect the main mapping experts to know a thing or two about rights of way and, indeed, here’s some useful guidance from Ordnance Survey.

Similarly, the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (UKELA) has this easy to digest list of do’s and don’ts on each type of public right of way. 

If you’re a keen mountain biker, OpenMTB has written a feature ‘Everything you always wanted to know about bridleways’. It’s a bit longer than a 2 minute read, so grab a cuppa and take the time to enjoy and digest this interesting piece.

CyclingUK also has some advice on where to cycle off-road. It’s similar to the UKELA piece but a little more detailed.

And if you’re ready to tackle some bridleways, here’s two articles on the best routes to try. This one is from Total Womens Cycling and there’s another from Red Bull (no, you won’t need wings).

Have you ever had problems with public rights of way, whether on foot or cycling?

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January 28, 2022

Very informative blog. Thanks for sharing!

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