Ladies: tell us how we can get our products right for you!


Ladies: tell us how we can get our products right for you!

Most of our highviz jackets, sashes and gilets come in general sizes such as Small and Large. Typically these are unstructured and designed for a body without the shapes that sometimes come with being of the female variety. Yes, we know that bodies, regardless of gender, come in all shapes and sizes but we also know that some ladies (and I write as one of them!) have certain factors that can influence their choice of clothing and the size of that clothing.

An example of our standard size chart for a high visibility jacket

Now we won’t be able to cater for everyone - sadly bespoke tailoring is not something we offer yet! - but we would like to have products that appeal to as many people as possible. In which case, we would love to hear from our female customers (or potential customers) about their preferences when it comes to highvis clothing and products.

For example, here are a few issues we’ve been debating and would love your thoughts on:

  • Do you prefer a ‘lady cut’ to your jacket/gilet or are you happy with a straight cut, as currently offered?
  • What sort of sizing do you prefer? 

For example: 

S, M, L etc, 

size 12, 14, 16, etc 

8-10, 12-14, etc

or maybe chest size eg 30”, 32”, 34”, etc?

  • Which brands’ sizing do you like/ find true to size?
  • What do you like about existing or past running/cycling/etc jackets you’ve bought from female-targeted ranges?
  • Would you wear our highviz sash as it currently is or would that be uncomfortable or niggly around the chest area?
  • Do you prefer certain colours for your clothing?
  • Are there highviz products that you would find useful that we don’t currently offer?

Are there other issues we’ve not thought about when it comes to sizing or other aspects of clothing aimed at ladies? Or of our clothing generally, from a female perspective? 

There’s comments enabled below, or feel free to drop us an email, or give us a call on 01903 773803. We’ve also added this as a post to Facebook so do feel free to join in the discussion there too.

3 Responses

Pamela Makinson
Pamela Makinson

December 09, 2019

Chest sizes are great and much better than 12 14 16 etc as you can make sure that they are going to fit. I do think a ladies cut would be good as an option as they tend to fit better especially for running.

Claire Hill
Claire Hill

December 09, 2019

Definitely prefer ladies sizes or even junior as I’m size 8 and 5’0". I have the sash in the kids size which fits fine. I prefer sizes to be described as 8, 10, 12 etc as it’s clear that it’s not unisex. Unisex sizes pretty much never fit me as they’re always too big. I have a Ronhill jacket which is pretty good in terms of shape. I don’t like jackets to be too roomy around the chest and underarm. Ronhill size 6 or 8 fits me quite well. In terms of colour I prefer not to wear pink or purple. I think brands can be lazy with womens’ colour choices. We don’t all like pink. I like aqua, green, blue, coral and orange. I like bright colours for running gear, day and night, especially tops and jackets. Feel free to contact me if you need any more info.

Toni Barker
Toni Barker

December 08, 2019

I much prefer measuring in inches as more accurate than 10-12 etc as there are no standardisation for that I vary from 12 – 16 depending on brand etc but inches are more realistic.

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