Licensing cyclists: what's your opinion?

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Licensing cyclists: what's your opinion?

Licensing cyclists: what's your opinion?

This week saw Lord Robert Winston (yes, he of the BBC documentaries) calling for cyclists to have licences and insurance. He did state that "Most cyclists, of course, are conscientious and law abiding" but went on to say: " increasing number are extremely aggressive and avoid [the rules on] one-way streets, pedestrian crossings and red traffic lights - and from time to time they collide with pedestrians.

"In view of the fact that the government obviously wishes to encourage cycling, and I agree with that, should the government consider its obligation to improve public safety, and therefore implement some of these measures?"

You may recall that the Government ruled out the proposal last year, the reason cited being the cost outweighing the benefits. It is interesting that Lord Winston is already revisiting the idea, and appears to have support from others. 

With a large portion of our subscribers being cyclists, we're interested to hear what you think about the proposal? Do you think "aggressive" cyclists are a problem? What would your solution be? Head over to our Facebook page to join in the debate...


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Des Pullar
Des Pullar

June 29, 2019

Looks to me like he’s the usual self serving type, who only wants the inconvenience of having to slow down for cyclists and now wants them off the road.
How about sorting out the aggressive drivers first, there’s thousands of them causing death and mayhem on the roads every single day. Unlike cyclists.

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