Motorhome Bike cover

Motorhome Bike cover

We’ve been travelling around Europe in our Motorhome for over 6 years now and love to bring our bikes away with us as they give us extra freedom. 

What we haven’t liked so much is how we’ve been through four different branded bike covers already. They all seem to disintegrate and/or deteriorate after 9-12 months of use and have cost us anywhere between £40-£50 each time, which has been an expensive necessity to ensure protection for our bikes. They have all been of a low quality material and the pressure points when fitting the bike covers over our bikes have ripped or torn,  which has then meant it has needed to be tapped up and patched so that we can continue travelling, often with the bike bag flapping madly in the wind looking like we are dragging a parachute behind us!! 

We have bought the BTR Bike Cover for the price of £34.99 and are quite literally blown away (pun intended!) by the quality of this product. The material itself is very heavy duty and thick and does not feel flimsy like the other bags we’ve bought, in fact it weighs 2kg which is a testament to the quality of the material. It easily fully encloses our 2 bikes and could possibly fit a third.

As its such a spacious bag, the ease of getting it on and off was great, especially if your doing it on your own. I used 2 bungee cords to secure the cover in place, the cover also comes with 2 straps for sealing up the bottom.

I can tell already this one is definitely going to protect our bikes in the most extreme weather conditions and it does not feel possible for the material to split as its so thick and double stitched on the seams. It also comes with steel lined lock holes so that we can easily lock our bikes together and these locks are visible for extra security and peace of mind.


With over 3 Irish Autumn/ Winter months usage already the bike cover is looking and feeling just like new, it washes down well with the hose and folds away neatly ready for next use. On a recent (very wet) 2 hour trip to Co. Donegal both bikes were bone dry when i checked on arrival.  I also use it to cover the bikes in my shed to keep dust off.

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