Bike Phone Bags: The Definitive Guide to Bicycle Bags

Bike Phone Bags: The Definitive Guide to Bicycle Bags

Navigate your way to the right phone bag for your bike....

Recently taken up cycling to get your daily dose of exercise and headspace? Whether you’re new to cycling or an old hand, it’s likely you’ll want to keep your phone to hand so that you can navigate your route or just know that it’s somewhere safe. 

Step up, the super handy phone bike bag or mount. 

But, which one to choose? There are a number of permutations; where do you want to mount it? Do you want to store other items too? Do you need a sun visor or not?

Here’s some of the options you might want to think about before you decide which phone bag or phone mount you want for your bike. 


Mount v bag: what’s the difference? 


Principally, a phone mount will literally hold your phone, not other bits as well. 

A major advantage of a mount (certainly,this BTR phone mount) is that it fits all phones and all bikes. So if you’re someone who either swaps their phone a lot, or you think you might fairly soon, a mount is ideal as it’s 99.99% likely to fit your current and any future phone you might have (Back to the Future II-style developments not withstanding). 

Phone bags do cater for most phones but with new technology resulting in larger phones suddenly appearing (what happened? It was all about being tiny until recently!) you may find that your bike bag is no longer is the cosy nest for your phone that it used to be.

However, phone bags are great if you’re keen to store other things like keys, snacks, money, toolkit, etc. They're not expensive so if you do end up swapping your phone and they’re not compatible, you’re not talking a lot of money to update.

What other factors should you think about?

Weather protection

If you’re likely to be out when it’s raining, being water resistant or waterproof is probably high on your wish list. Whether you want a bag or mount, there are choices in both formats for keeping your phone dry. It is also possible to buy a waterproof cover for your bag, which is a good fallback solution. 


Ease of use

To be honest, no-one wants a bag or mount that’s a faff to fit, but do double check how easy the product you choose is to get on and off your bike. If you’re using it as part of a commute, for example, chances are you make every second of your journey count so if you’re wanting to take your bag or mount off, it’s got to be quick!


Position of phone

It’s one thing to have your phone visible and within easy reach, but if you’re hurtling along country lanes or across dales, you may well want to see where you are at a glance. Some phone bags/mounts are deliberately positioned in front of you, face on, whereas others are on the crossbar, or in front of the handlebars, face up. Think about the situation in which you will be using your phone, and which of these positions is going to be most practical.

BTR cross bar phone holder bike bag
handlebar mounted, face on crossbar mounted, face up



We touched upon size earlier but this is a key consideration. If you’re not too bothered about carrying extras (or you have a bag already that you bought for kit-carrying), you give yourself more choice with mounts and bags of various dimensions. 

There’s mounts that simply hold the phone and bags that are handlebar-mounted with compact storage ideal for keys and cash. If you need something more sizable, look at the options that sit on the crossbar and fix securely to the frame. Although these can be larger, none are so enormous that they’ll hamper your cycling, and will mean you can carry a little more with you.

Of course, although this is a guide to phone bags, you may decide that storage is a priority which points you at different bags again. Some feature the all-important phone pocket but also give you stacks of storage so you get the best of both worlds. 


BTR universal fit phone mount for bike
customer photo of BTR frame bag with phone holder gen 5


Other features

If you’ve debated all the above and narrowed your choices down to a few, how do you differentiate? Perhaps some of the extra features might swing you in a particular direction. 

If you often cycle in the middle of nowhere with only music to accompany you, maybe a headphone outlet is handy. 

Think about the pocket arrangement; some people like one large one to throw everything in, others like their things neatly stored in separate spaces. 

Eternally optimistic that every ride will be sunny? How about a sun visor to keep your screen glare-free.


We hope this helps you decide what’s you’re looking for in a phone-holding bike bag but if you do have questions, we’re always on hand to help.

Here are a couple of short demo videos of some of our most popular bike phone bags and mounts




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