Rack attack: which pannier bag is best for you?

Rack attack: which pannier bag is best for you?

We love a pannier bag: spacious, practical, streamlined. What more could you want from a bike bag? It has all the benefits of a backpack, but without the digging-in straps and sweaty back.  

In the case of BTR rack bags, you can pick a shower proof one which will help keep all your belongings dry in wet weather. Go one step further and add a reflective highvis cover to add to your visibility when out and about.

But what else is there to consider? Take a look at our rack bags below to compare features and choose the one to suit you best...

BTR Shower Proof Rear Rack Pannier Bike Bag

BTR Rack Bag

Why choose this rack bag?

  • It's water resistant so will help keep your change of clothes or other bits dry.
  • If you want to keep it completely dry, there's an optional rain cover.
  • 8 litre capacity means plenty of space.
  • Easily detaches and has adjustable shoulder strap, so you can take it off your bike and carry it once you're at your destination. We all know you cycle to the gym and then do a workout..! Or perhaps it's a change of clothes for when you get to the pub?

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BTR Water Resistant Pannier Bike Bag for Rear Bicycle Racks

BTR Water Resistant Rack Bag for Bike 

Why choose this rack bag?

  • The water resistance will do a pretty good job of keeping your stuff dry. Team it with the waterproof cover and it's a done deal.
  • There's a good selection of sizeable pockets so you can use the one appropriate to the piece of kit eg clothing in the main one, wallet and phone in a smaller one.
  • It's got a handy pocket on the back which is the perfect size for a bottle.
  • With its detachable shoulder strap it's ideal for use as a regular bag when you get to your end destination

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BTR Deluxe Rear Rack Pannier Bike Bag

BTR Deluxe Rack Bike Bag

Why choose this rack bag?

  • Personally I'm attracted to anything that's 'deluxe' *and* practical. It's how one should approach life (actually, it's deluxe-ness comes from the robust fabric and sturdy straps).
  • 2-way zipped lid which makes for quick access. 
  • Water resistant material for protection in rain showers (and 100% waterproof if you enrobe it in our fantastic rain cover).
  • For those of you who might like to carry extra it has bungee cords and an external pocket.

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In summary, any of these bike rack bags are super-handy and fantastic value but one may jump out at you over another depending on how you'll use it. Take a look at customer reviews of each for the real insights; there's even images of them in use (as featured above). 

Happy packing!




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