On Your Bike With The BTR Bicycle Bag and Bike Mobile Phone Holder

On Your Bike With The BTR Bicycle Bag and Bike Mobile Phone Holder

BTR Bike Bag and Bike Mobile Phone Holder

Are you planning on taking to the road on two wheels this summer? A BTR bike bag could be your best friend. Fixing securely to your bicycle frame, its innovative design ensures that you can keep your essentials safe on the move, allowing you to keep everything you need with you no matter how far you cycle.


BTR Bike Bag & Bike Phone Holder


The Convenient Solution

Any keen cyclist knows that carrying your phone, snacks and money around with them can be tricky. While a rucksack is always an option, it can be an ungainly solution, but now the BTR bike bag has come to the rescue. With its waterproof material and waterproof zips, this cleverly designed storage pocket protects your essentials from the worst of the British weather, and it also fits securely to the frame of your bike with five textured straps and a clip fastening to ensure the perfect fit whatever the make or model of your cycle.

Taking Your Phone On The Road

Most cyclists these days wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without taking their mobile phone with them, but carrying it in a pocket puts you at risk of accidental drops and breakage. Thanks to the phone pocket in the BTR bike bag, your mobile will be close at hand whenever you need it, and since there are two sizes of bag available, it couldn’t be easier to choose on to fit your handset model. The innovative PVC pocket even has touchscreen functionality, so you can use your phone to help you navigate your route or map your ride with no need to take it out of the bag. With its easy-access system, you’ll also be able to easily attach your phone to a battery pack even while on the move.

The BTR Bike Bag and Mobile Phone Holder is available in two sizes and will fit almost any size mobile phone.  View the chart below to see which size is best for your mobile phone


Which size BTR Phone Bag for my mobile phone

Staying Safe At Night

Riding at night can be a risky business however, thanks to the BTR bike bag’s sewn-on reflective stripe and logo, you’ll always be visible on the roads. You’ll be seen and safe, even in the darkest road conditions.

BTR Bike Bag & Mobile Phone Holder at Night

Additional Features

Not only does this bike bag offer all of the convenience of being able to take your essentials with you on the road, but it also comes with some excellent additional features. The two elasticated luggage straps inside the case ensures that your items won’t move about, no matter how bumpy your ride while the integrated key hook means that you won’t be fumbling around looking for your house keys once you get home. Thanks to the integrated headphone outlet, you’ll also be able to enjoy listening to your favourite tunes as you cycle, ensuring that every ride is a joy.

With the BTR bike bag attached to your bicycle, you’ll be fully equipped no matter where you travel. Whether you’re just going for a quick ride around the block or heading on a cross-country journey, you can be confident that you’ll have all of your essentials close at hand and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Demo & Instruction Videos for the BTR Bike Bag & Mobile Phone Holder

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