Cycling Coast to Coast USA or the Hebridean Way ?

Cycling Coast to Coast USA or the Hebridean Way ?

We recently received a couple of photographs from a customer in the US who used their BTR helmet covers during part of a bike road trip.  When I asked further about this road trip, I was amazed to hear that it was in fact cycling coast to coast across the US.

They have kept a blog called Crazy Man On a Bike and it is a cracking read if you have some spare time. It is broken down into legs and each one takes no more than 5 minutes to read. 

I am planning to cycle the Hebridean Way next year although that is a mere 156 miles as opposed to 3000+!

Have you completed any cycling routes that you would be happy to share as I would love to hear about them?  Once I have a few, I will add a page to our blog as a resource & maybe some inspiration for all

What do you use your BTR product for?  Commuting or pleasure?  Any action shots of a BTR product would be well received if you don’t mind sharing & we will try to post them on our website & social media channels?  

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