Our Be Totally Reflective high vis range of clothes and accessories

Our Be Totally Reflective high vis range of clothes and accessories

Our Be Totally Reflective by BTR collection was launched in 2019 and has proved incredibly popular. It started with one standard fit jacket and gilet, and now incorporates women's fit and different styles of reflective gilet.

While all of our clothing range is highvis, the Be Totally Reflective collection consists of items that are subtle in daylight but once darkness falls, and the lights shine on it, glow brighter than you can imagine. 

So what jackets, gilets and accessories are available as part of the range now?


Our original BTR Be Totally Reflective Cycling High Visibility Jacket remains a constant favourite with cusomters. The outer shell of this jacket is fully reflective, making it highly visible but without the neon colours often found in highvis clothing. Perfect whether you're cycling, running, hiking, jogging, walking, horse riding, scooting, walking the dog or going on the school run, the standard fit comes in sizes from Small to XXL. 

There is also now the women's fit version of this jacket too: the BTR Womens Reflective High Vis Cycling & Running Jacket. Like the standard fit, it's made of the fully reflective fabric, with black stretchy side and under arm panels. Available in sizes 8-14, we hope to expand the size range in the near future.


Moving onto gilets, we have quite the selection. We launched the range with the BTR Be Totally Reflective High Vis Cycling & Running Vest/Gilet, again fully reflective and the distinguiding feature of this particular version is its two pockets. This gilet was so popular we developed the style and now have two additional standard fit options: BTR High Visibility & Totally Reflective Running & Cycling Gilet & Vest with no pockets, and the BTR Reflective Cycling & Running Gilet & Vest with three pockets (two side & one rear pocket).

Depending on how you like your fit, you might like to take a look at our women's fit options: the Classic BTR Womens Reflective Cycling & Running High Vis Gilet with the longer rear and no pockets, or the BTR Womens Reflective Cycling & Running High Vis Gilet with three pockets (two side and one rear pocket). 

So you've chosen your outer layer and now you're looking to add a couple of accessories. We've three to choose from: a waterproof helmet cover, highvis sash or waterproof rucksack cover.

The BTR High Visibility Waterproof Bike Helmet Cover is available in an impressive seven colours - choose from orange, black, silver, pink, yellow, red or silver pattern. Not only does it do a great job of adding to your visibility but it'll keep your head dry too.

Another easy addition to your visiblity - and especially useful if you're not currently in the market for a highvis jacket or gilet - is a highvis reflective sash. Again, we've a good selection of colours available: yellow, orange, pink, silver and black. Adjustable, and easy to pack away, these are an incredibly versatile bit of highvis kit.

Finally, a quick look a the BTR High Visibility Reflective Waterproof Backpack  Cover. Like the helmet cover, it has a dual purpose as it adds more visibility but also keeps your rucksack dry in wet weather. It's available in two sizes and seven colours (yellow, black, orange, silver, red, pink, blue and orange).

Take a look at all the products in the Be Totally Reflective range here.


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