5 tips for cycling in the dark….

5 tips for cycling in the dark….

There is no reason to stop riding your bike just because the sun has set. Night riding can be a lot of fun and sometimes the only way to get home We explore ways to increase your visibility and confidence when night riding and/or riding in the darker months.It is so important to kit yourself out with the right equipment to ensure you are safe as well as enjoying your rides. 

Here's our top 5 tips for being safe and seen:

  1. Light up

Front head and rear tail lights are the single most important feature of cycling in the dark to keep you safe. It may seem obvious but ensuring you have a good set of lights is key to keeping visible and safe in the dark. Spoke lights can also be a fun way to be noticed. Given your legs do most of the moving a good idea is to use ankle bands for that extra luminosity.

highvis reflective cuffs or bands for ankles when cycling or running


  1. Day glow colours

Stand out in the daylight and be seen in bright and high visibility fluorescent colours. This look works if you are wearing a jacket or a gilet. It is just as important to be seen in the daytime and the sun's UV rays react with these colours and make them appear to ‘glow’. BTR Sports have spent years developing and improving our range of high visibility gear to ensure you are safe and seen on the roads.

Customer wearing one of our highvis gilets

  1. Shine at night

Reflective gear at night is essential to ensure you are still seen; not only can you wear them but you can also add them to your bike for extra visibility. Remember that you can also ensure your helmet stands out from the crowd whilst also keeping you dry, and your backpack too by using one of BTR’s high vis products. Making sure you have many retro-reflective surfaces will ensure you are not invisible to other road users.

Click here to view BTR’s full range of high vis cycling gear.


  1. Ride with friends or a group

Riding with friends or in a group is a good way to approach dark or night rides. Meeting up on a regular basis can provide the motivation and incentive to keep going.

However, if you are commuting in the dark it can also make sense to follow the busiest cycle routes so that you are not alone. Both of these options promote safety in numbers. 

  1. Don’t be shy and have fun

Try to follow the best advice and cycle so that you are more easily seen. British Cycling recommends that you cycle no less than half a metre from the roadside, keeping away from roadside hazards such as drains and potholes.


Lets us know your top tips in the comments below.


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