Our recommendations when the weather isn't playing ball

Our recommendations when the weather isn't playing ball

This summer doesn’t appear to be giving us the weather we deserve.

Luckily, we’re fairly used to intermittent rain, regardless of the time of year.

Many of our products are waterproof, and some are what we like to call ‘weather-proof’ in that they will keep out dirt and mud too, not just the rain.

Take our new All Weather Waterproof Under the Bike Saddle Wedge Style Bike Bag. It’s made from 100% waterproof material, with a large easy opening roll down top. It has no zips or seams, which are the usual place that rain manages to get in. It’s brilliant at keeping your kit dry and clean (even if you aren’t!).

BTR waterproof under saddle bike bag


We also love the BTR All Weather Waterproof Handlebar Dry Bike Bag for this very reason.  Instead of stitting underneath the seat, it’s upfront on your handlebars, has a bunch of straps that make it easy to both attach and remove it, and it’s slightly larger in capacity. We know that its use isn’t limited to just bikes either; one reviewer rates it as a golf buggy bag!

BTR waterproof handlebar bike bag


So if the weather isn’t quite as balmy as you were hoping for, it’s still possible to get out and about, and not completely soak all your precious bits of kit. (And if you're interested in keeping yourself dry as well, we'd point you towards the BTR Waterproof High Visibility Reflective Jacket.)

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