The Lightweight Reflective Jacket that is packed with Practical Features by BTR

The Lightweight Reflective Jacket that is packed with Practical Features by BTR

Our lightweight, high visibility reflective jacket is the perfect outer garment for those who need to layer their clothing. It is bright yellow with glow in the dark stripes & reflective silver trim so you are easily seen!

Comfort & Fit

Available in a large fit (to fit chest size 42-44 inches), the jacket features elasticated cuffs (which have a subtle silver reflect printed on the elastic) and an elasticated drawstring around the bottom (with two adjustable toggles), ensuring high levels of comfort. The jacket also features an air vent across the back which gives the jacket ventilation.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it!!!

Of course, we can tell you how great this jacket is but you might feel more reassured by some of the positive customer reviews we’ve had on Amazon.

Hayleyhms comments that: “I love this jacket. The best one I’ve’s very lightweight. The neck is high; very comfortable and good if you don’t like a draft round your neck. I love the zipped pockets-one in either side plus a chest one. Fabulous strips that light reflect on your back and a front strip and also on the cuffs. I like the cuffs to fit and these fit snuggly but with plenty of stretch if you have a larger wrist. Overall the size and fit is good.”

 Mr Lee Smart says: “Fit is perfect for me - just enough room to move freely when running or bending to tighten laces.”

And another Amazon customer states that the jacket is: “perfect for early morning and evening running. Good quality, competitive price.”

We’re confident that you will love this jacket whatever your activity, including running, jogging, cycling, walking, horse riding or the commute to or from work.

And That's Not All....

You might have noticed the two horizontal glow in the dark stripes on the back of the jacket. These are made from photoluminescent material, meaning theyglow without any direct light shining on them. So if you are running or cycling in the dark, everyone can see you from behind. You don’t need a car headlight to reflect them.

They really do glow in the dark!

Cleverly, the photoluminscent stripes can glow up to eight hours after exposure to one hourof direct light.

Another neat feature are the semi-automatic zips, both on the front of the jacketand on each of the pockets. A semi-automatic zip is designed to move only when the zip’s pull tab is raised or lifted to a certain degree, meaning it won't accidentally open whilst you are wearing it.

This reflective jacket is everything you need from a jacket designed to ensure you’re always visible when out and about.

We love this jacket and we know you will too…Try it out! 

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