Waterproof Bike Bags - All You Need To Know!

Waterproof Bike Bags - All You Need To Know!

Waterproof Bike Bags: what you need to know!

When commuting by bicycle you need to be prepared for all weather conditions. Especially here in the UK, you can guarantee that it will rain on your way to or from work, no matter what the season. However, you should not let that put you off commuting by bicycle. Not only do you need to keep yourself dry, but you also need to think about your belongings. You may have a phone, laptop, paper files and your work clothes (assuming you do not parade around the office all day in lycra shorts). Fortunately for you, you no longer have to carry all this in a backpack and risk them getting wet when you are caught in a downpour. BTR have some great waterproof* bags that attach to handlebars, under the seat or rear rack and offer great value for money, without compromising on quality.

 *yes actually waterproof, not water-resistant or showerproof

 Waterproof, water-resistant or showerproof - Will they all keep your belongings safe and dry?

 Waterproof – These are 100% waterproof. Can be used with confidence to keep your gear absolutely dry.

 Water Resistant & Shower Proof – These are good for short cycles where you don’t anticipate heavy showers.


What are your options?


BTR Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Bike Bag

100% waterproof, easy access and secure fastening to your handlebar. This is your perfect all-weather solution to keep your valuables close by and dry. By attaching to your handlebars, it means you can dive in while you are cycling (make sure it is safe to do so, before taking your eyes off the road). With 3 velcro straps, it is attached securely to your handlebars, without being too fiddly to remove once you arrive at work. Finally, it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so it is easy to carry once you have locked up to your bike.

 Perfect for - phone, wallet/purse, multi-tool or emergency snacks

BTR Waterproof Handlebar Bike Bag

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BTR Waterproof Under The Bike Saddle Wedge Style Bike Bag

100% waterproof, surprisingly spacious and a secure fit under your seat without getting in the way while pedalling. With a hook and strap fastening, it is easy to use and great value for money. This neat little storage solution even comes with a rear light loop, so that you can attach your light and be seen.

 Perfect for - phone, wallet/purse, multi-tool or puncture repair kit

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BTR Waterproof Rear Rack Dry Bike Bag. Pannier Bicycle Bag

Finally a bag that means you no longer need to arrive at work with a sweaty back. If you have a rear rack on your bike, this 100% waterproof bike bag is for you. With a large capacity (approx 20 litres) and easy fastening with a universal fit, this bag offers you value for money, while giving you the peace of mind that all your stuff is safe and dry. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry into work. As you come to expect from a high-quality bag like this, there is a reflective strap and bike-light loop, so that you can be seen.

 Perfect for - work clothes for the day, towel, shower equipment, laptop and anything else you would need to carry to get through your working day.

BTR Waterproof Bike Rack Bag

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These bags use a similar system to the dry bags used by sailors and swimmers. Ensure that you wrap the opening a few times and secure using the clips before you set off. You are all set if you can feel that air is not escaping when you squeeze it.


BTR High Visibility Reflective Waterproof Backpack Rucksack Rain Cover

If you have already invested in a fancy new backpack, fear not, you can still benefit from the peace of mind of your belongings being safe and dry by investing in the BTR Easy Fit 2-in-1 Waterproof & High Visibility Rucksack Cover. It instantly transforms your favourite rucksack in to a Waterproof High Vis Reflective Bag! Try as you might, you cannot accurately predict the weather, but you can be prepared to not let the weather ruin your day.

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Be safe, stay dry, be seen.

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