What makes the BTR Waterproof Bike Cover the best?

What makes the BTR Waterproof Bike Cover the best?

What makes the BTR Waterproof Bike Cover the best?

  • It can cover one or two bikes (standard pedal and e-bikes), tricycles, mopeds, scooters and some motorbikes.
  • It stands up to the weather like no other cover (we believe!), whether that be rain, sleet, snow or wind.
  • It’s easy to handle and secure into place.

Why do we sell this bike cover?

Bryn, founder of BTR, lived in Hove, by the sea and where it is also fairly windy from time to time. He was a keen cyclist so out and about a fair bit on his bike. He had no garage or shed so needed to protect his lovely bike from the elements (there’s also a fair bit of salt in the air on the coast). 

Bryn went in search of a bike cover. He bought one, he bought two, he bought more. All failed in various ways; they ripped, they let the rain in, they blew away and ended up half way down the street. The fabric was too light and very thin (think naff shiny toilet paper if you were at school in the 70s or 80s), and none of them were waterproof. Basically, they were all rubbish and didn’t do the job.

Bryn knew he could do better, and the BTR Extra Large Heavy Duty Waterproof Bicycle Cover was (eventually!) born. 

Why is it so great?

It’s great because we made sure it was. Bryn thought it would be easy to get decent ones made. He was wrong. All the factories he contacted produced broadly the same quality ie terrible and couldn’t understand why he wanted to pay more for something decent. 

It took months of back and forth samples and four suppliers before we got what we wanted ie something heavy duty and waterproof. 

Even now, when we place our annual order, they try to tempt us with their less-than-acceptable versions!  Our favourite line ever from a supplier was when we protested that a sample wasn’t waterproof and they suggested we put less water on it when testing. We didn’t speak to that factory again...

Our first version was pretty top notch anda review in road.cc said as much. However, they also pointed out (and we were already aware) that it could do with better sun protection. The second version (the one you buy today) has had that improvement made.The more recent road.cc review is even better than the first.


Is the BTR Bike Cover for you and your bikes?


BTR bike cover on motorbike


We advertise this cover as suitable for one or two bikes, and we stand by that. We also know, from anecdotes and reviews, that people are using theirs for various combinations of bikes and other vehicles too. Here’s a selection from reviews which might include what you’re planning to cover yours with and, if it doesn’t, it’ll at least you show you the range of possibilities!

  • a tricycle
  • bigger mountain bikes
  • two bikes, one electric and one mountain chained together. 
  • a fairly large gentleman's bike (being a 5' 12" (182 cm) man) and my son's 24" bike 
  • a 650B-wheeled large eBike
  • a Yamaha Yzf r125 
  • covers two bikes; one large with drops and a medium with straights.
  • perfect Cover for my Vespa Scooter
  • fits two electric bikes very well
  • my wife's and my own mountain bikes when we leave them outside our caravan when we are on holidays.
  • two 18" bikes - one mountain bike and a cargo bike (Pashley Pronto) locked to a rack between them - and it covers them all the way to the ground.
  • mobility scooters
  • rowing machine (...yes!)

Get the idea?! Perhaps your bike or other two wheeled vehicle isn’t listed here, so just to remind you of the dimensions:

230 cms x 70 cms x 126 cms

This is approximately 7ft 6in long (or getJagdeep Singh, the world’s tallest policeman, to lie down to show you), 2ft 3in wide (find yourself aprehistoric scorpion, and you’ll be spot on) and 4ft 1in high (dig out your dinghy oar and you’ll know exactly).

Going up against Mother Nature

As for its weatherproof properties, again, we designed it to be rain and wind proof. 

  • Heavy enough that it won’t blow away (but not so heavy that you can’t easily put it over your bikes!) 
  • Made from waterproof fabric withurethane coating on one side giving improved water repellency
  • Waterproof seal over the seams, which are themselves double-stitched
  • A easy-to-clip storm strap so you’re not battling against the wind and failing to get your cover on

We used the prototype ourselves and tested it with buckets of water and the like, so we know it does the job. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s some of our customers’ conclusions:

  • The first weekend, it rained for a few hours and the wind blew quite heavily. The cover didn't move a lot and the bikes remained dry. Now it's February. Storm Ciara is behind us, but Dennis is now blowing heavily. Still the cover stays in place and the bikes are always covered. 
  • It has coped with rain, sleet, ice and snow - bike kept clean and dry underneath.
  • Kept in place with the straps in storm wind and pouring rain in West Bay Dorset this week. 
  • First night using and we had a storm with heavy rain all night and in the morning I removed the cover and my motorcycle was completely dry. 

With Ellen, Gerda and Francis on their way at some point soon, your mean machine needs nothing more than to be tucked up safe and secure in a BTR Waterproof Bike Cover. Road.cc stated that the waterproof aspect of the cover is “awesome” which is good enough for us.

Watch out 45 second video which quickly highlights all the covers key benefits


And that’s just for starters…

Naturally we focused on the bike-encasing, weather-foxing capabilities of the cover but it also has a whole suite of fancy features including:

  • Anti UV fabric - assuming you’re leaving your bikes out all year round (and we do have rain in summer after all), the anti-UV fabric means it won’t fade
  • Elasticated front and back - gives a better fit
  • Security eyelets - use with a lock and deter idiot bike nickers
  • Reflective high visibility loops - your bike may be dry and safe but it helps to be able to find it too
  • Drawstring bag - if you’re not using your cover all the time, you can pop it away neat and tidy

We’re satisfied that you won’t find a better cover than this one. We’re confident that the BTR Bike Cover is for you and as we offer free postage and returns you’ve nothing to lose. 

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