What Zips Are Needed on a Cycling or Running High Vis Reflective Gilet or Vest?

What Zips Are Needed on a Cycling or Running High Vis Reflective Gilet or Vest?

January is always the time of year we start preparing our orders for our Cycling and Running High Vis Reflective Clothing Range.  Starting in January usually means we start receiving the stock in July / August time in time for the dark and wet nights from September onwards.  The High Vis Clothing is a popular product line of ours, so we are always looking at adding to and improving the range.  This can mean adding new sizes or colours or styles or features or any combination of those mentioned.  We offer a selection of high visibility reflective Jackets, Gilets, Sashes and other High Viz Accessories

We currently have 3 styles of High Vis Reflective Gilets and Vests and most of them don’t have any zips on at all.  In 2020 we are looking at adding side pocket zips on them all and a back pocket.  We are undecided what style and size of pocket to add to the back of the gilets so if you are a cyclist or a runner or anyone who may use a high viz gilet or vest your feedback answering some or all of the following questions would be extremely useful

1: What do you use your high visibility reflective clothing for?  Cycling, running, horse riding, motorcyclist etc?

2: What are you likely to put in a rear pocket if you used it?

3: Would you like it zipped or unzipped?

4: Would you prefer the smaller or larger pocket from the images below?

Please answer in the comments below or by Contacting Us


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