Waterproof AND High Visibility? Tell us your thoughts


Waterproof AND High Visibility? Tell us your thoughts

As some of you will have seen on our social media posts, lots of our customers ask why our reflective jackets are not waterproof.There is a reason for this, and it's because the waterproof reflective fabric we've tested is not breathable and, therefore, can make the wearer very hot, especially when exercising.

So, instead, we stick to either one or the other. Our theory being that it's better to have two excellent products than one that, perhaps, doesn't fully deliver (indeed, Road.cc also took this view). 

However, we always listen to our customers as we wouldn't have a business without you! We're going to revisit the idea of a fully waterproof and high visibility jacket but would like some feedback from you to start the process.

So here's a few questions that we'd like to hear from you about, whether specifically or as inspiration for your thoughts generally.

1. Do you use your jacket for running, cycling or something else?

2. Even though we believe combining the two features (high viz and waterproof) would make for a super hot jacket, are you still happy to wear one?

3. Waterproof or visibility: which is the decisive factor for you?

4. Do you have both a waterproof jacket and a high vis one as you don't believe you can have both in one jacket, and/or are you searching for a jacket that combines both?

5. If you have a jacket that combines both, or are aware of one, we'd like to know about it.

6. And any other ideas, suggestions or wishes you might like us to think about?


We can't emphasise enough how important your feedback is to us, and that we really do take it on board, even if we can't always realise every idea.

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March 05, 2020

I agree that waterproof jackets don’t need to be fully waterproof! The vent help keep me cool so I don’t sweat. Also fully waterproof jackets seem a bit bin baggy

Roger Huckle
Roger Huckle

January 18, 2020

The Proviz reflect360 cycling jacket is both waterproof and highly visible but substantially more expensive

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