BTR bike bags back in stock and now in recyclable packaging

BTR bike bags back in stock and now in recyclable packaging

The unusual events of this year have had all sorts of unforseen consequences. For us, we were surprised by the sudden uptake in cycling when the first lockdown was in place. With time outside our homes limited to a quick burst of exercise, many people took to their bikes to get their fresh air and much needed burst of energy. Even those that chose to stay at home were after phone mounts for static bikes, and we had an upsurge in demand for our one-size-fits-all silicone handlebar phone holder.

Fortunately for us, many people chose to invest in a new bike bag. We were rushed off our feet fulfilling orders, and it meant that our stock levels took a huge hit! Roll on to November, and we're pleased to say that pretty much all of our bike bags are now back in stock. This includes the weather- and water-proof bike bags that are popular at this time of year such as the BTR Waterproof Under the Saddle Wedge BagBTR Waterproof Rear Rack Dry Bike Bag and the BTR Waterproof Bike Handlebar Bag.

BTR waterproof bike rack bag 


Another neat outcome for us was the chance to move all of the packaging used on our bike bags over to the recyclable packaging (principally cardboard boxes) that we'd spent a long time in 2019 investigating and testing (you can read about our trials and tribulations!). So if you're about to order yourself (or someone else; it is Christmas soon after all) one of our bike bags, you'll be pleased to know you'll be able to put all of the packaging into your recycling bin. 

BTR Sports recyclable packaging for our bike bags

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