Rain? No problem.

Rain? No problem.

What looked to be the start of the good weather may just have been a bit of a red herring as we seem to be in for a fair few days of rain this week.

If the beautiful Easter weekend weather had you exploring the countryside, whether on foot or two wheels, and you’re not keen to let a little bit of rain stop that, you’ll need to up the stakes on the waterproofs.

Waterproofing anything with zips or sewed seams is tricky as you’re immediately introducing a way in for the rain. But here at BTR we like a challenge! We’ve introduced a number of bike bags that don’t feature zips and any seams are sealed. Check out this waterproof handlebar bag and this waterproof under saddle wedge style bike bag

waterproof handlebar bag


Similarly, we have rucksack covers (one with hi viz reflective patches or another version in simple orange or black) which have sealed seams, as does our rather lovely bike cover. 

You can see all BTR's waterproof products here.

Are there products that you would like to see feature more waterproofing, even if you’re not sure how that might be possible?

What aspects of your cycling, running or training get the most soggy and how can we help with that? Please use the comments below or tell us via any means at your disposal!

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